Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


I am dead, but it’s not so bad. I’ve learned to live with it.

Zombies. Slow-witted, viciously brain obsessed, sort of dead but not really. And in Isaac Marion’s book, they’re fun and even a touch philosophical. Sometimes you just need to experience the world through the eyes of a slowly decomposing, grey-fleshed ghoul and our tour guide in this book, is R.

R thinks he’s cool with being a rotting corpse, but some little part of him deep inside figures something’s amiss in his no identity existence. Sure it’s fun hanging out in an abandoned airport, riding the escalators, and listening to Sinatra (that R sure has excellent taste in music), but shouldn’t there be more to …er… life, than craving fresh brain matter?

Enter Julie. She’s a bit whiny (isn’t that the standard personality trait for girls involved with the supernatural?), but Julie’s a tough, filthy-mouthed cookie, and she’s out to change the world. Yes, you saw it coming, R and Julie are our human/ghoul love match and their interactions, and R’s experience with this very un-zombie-like emotion makes for the book, in part, hovering somewhere between snicker-worthy romantic wit and squishy sentimentality.

But Marion saves it from all-out whimsy by adding a bit of sex, some boozing, a great big dash of gore and zombies on the hunt action. Together with plenty of pop-culture reference and a very creepy yet amusing zombie best friend to keep the story fresh and…alive. And it’s fun, oh so fun.


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