Eye of the Bookholder – Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

As plenty of bookworms, I imagine, I am guilty of judging books by their covers. If I’ve fallen in love with a pretty cover, I am almost guaranteed to add it to my collection. I am also frequently stumbling upon brilliantly reimagined covers by freelance artists, which I feel sometimes capture the character of a book much more intimately than the originally published jacket, and wanted to start a weekly post showcasing my favourite finds. Starting off with an old favourite of mine – Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.


“I lived like a man who wanted to die but who had no courage to do it himself. I walked black streets and alleys alone; I passed out in cabarets. I backed out of two duels more from apathy than cowardice and truly wished to be murdered. And then I was attacked. It might have been anyone – and my invitation was open to sailors, thieves, maniacs, anyone.
But it was a vampire.
He caught me just a few steps from my door one night and left me for dead, or so I thought.”

Book jacket recreated by Simon Povey.

2 thoughts on “Eye of the Bookholder – Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

  1. I love the book and the movie. Personally, I ignore covers. I took a grad class on children’s literature where we discussed the power of covers, especially young people. That’s where I learned that most covers are made by people who have never read the book, only a small portion. That’s​ why some covers are so lazy or weird and have nothing to do with the plot. However, small presses are a different story. There’s some gorgeous, unique work coming out of small presses.

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